Unico posto al mondo dove la pizza si unisce alla cucina.
The only place in the word where pizza joins the kitchen.


Fish appetizers

Profumo D’estate (2, 4) 24.
fried squid, oyster, shrimps and anchovies, carrot salad and lemon

Seriola Fumè (4) 24.
smoked amber tartare with raspberry salad and green tea sauce

Meat appetizers

Oriente e Occidente 20.
italian sushi with parma ham and thai sauce

Bosco D’aprile (4) 24.
beat of meat blackberry shaped, mayonese with truffle and asparagus


Agrodolce (8) 21.
almond ricottina, corbezzolo honey and orange salad

Croccantina (7) 21.
fried pasta gluten free, creamy gorgonzola,
chives, lyophilized raspberries and violets


First dishes – classic

Tagliatelle al Ragù della Nonna (1, 9, 12) 18.
home made pasta, minced beef, onion, celery, carrots,
peeled tomatoes and fresh basil

Tagliatelle Pomodoro E Basilico (1) 16.
home made pasta, peeled tomatoes, onion and basil

Spaghetti alla Carbonara (1, 3) 20.
bacon, egg, Grancampidano cheese , pepper and parsley

Spaghetti alla Carbonara di Pesce (1, 2, 3, 4, 14) 22.
strips of sea bream and sea bass, mussels, clams, egg,
Grancampidano cheese, pepper and parsley


First dishes – fish

Incontro (2, 4, 6) 25.
spicy sweet and sour soup with shrimps, salmon,
soy sprouts and purple cabbage

Raviolo Myrto (1, 2, 4, 7, 8) 20.
home made squid ink raviolo filled with ricotta and
shrimps served with rocket pesto and fried squid

Spaghetto Terra e Mare (1, 4, 12, 14) 18.
fresh clams, parsley and garlic, seared spinach and muggine bottarga

Re Rosso (1, 2) 26.
licorice home made tagliolino,
mazara red shrimp cream and it’s raw, dusted with lime

First dishes – meat

Tradizione (9, 12) 19.
seasonal soup decomposed (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, peas, beans)
served with steak of beef with red wine and it’s reduction

Bianconiglio (1, 9, 12) 20.
wholemeal home made tagliolino, carrots, celery, onion,
ground rabbit fillet shaded with franciacorta

Pinco Panco (1, 7, 12) 21.
home made tagliatelle with gorgonzola creamy,
pears with cabernet and veal rags with butter

Vegetarian – Vegan

Crescente (1, 7, 8) 20.
home made ravioli filled with buffalo ricotta,
honey and mint sauteed with orange butter and served with hazelnut grain

Speziato (1, 12) 20.
home made vegan gnocco with purple potato sauteed
with rosemary oil and served with cubes of pineapple flavored with cointreau



meat (rice, chicken, beef, peppers, zucchini, garlic, parsley, saffron,
fresh tomatoes, dusted with lemon) or fish (rice, shrimps, mussels, clams,
fillets sea bream or sea bass, squid, peppers, zucchini, saffron, garlic,
parsley, fresh tomatoes, dusted with lemon)

Sostanza (7) 21.
risotto with castelmagno cheese creamy, sauteed beef chunks,
asparagus with lemon

Essenza (2) 24.
risotto with crustaceans, shrimp, scampi and cicale, served with
scented bread, sprouts salad and shrimps flavored with vanilla

Natura (6) 20.
risotto with red beet, tofu salad and ponzu sauce gel


Second courses – meat

Alvaro (7) 22.
veal fillet with liquorice and its base served with crispy jackdaws

Duffy (7) 25.
duck breast with butter, songino and crispy fennel with orange sauce

Babe 22
pork belly, red fruit sauce, grilled pak choi (chinese cabbage)

Signor Hamb (1) 20.
beef hamburger, lettuce, tomato, baked onion, bbq sauce, cheddar,
home made soft bread served with rustic potatoes


Second courses – fish

Picasso (4, 9) 21.
octopus decomposed with celery cream,
turnip and crunchy salad of carrots, celery and purple potatoes

Pollock (4) 22.
cbt mackerel fillet, topinambur cream, mango salad, red beet sprouts

Van Gogh (2, 9) 27.
catalan lobster revisited with onion, tomatoes, celery,
chili pepper, garlic oil and lemon

Fish Burger (4) 24.
fish hamburger, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, sour cream,
baked onion home made black squid bread served with rustic potatoes

Catch of the Day: (4) ALL’ETTO 12.
baked sea bass or sea bream with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and
taggiasche olives served with fresh oregano


Vegetarians – vegans

Puzzle (6, 9) 22.
cooked vegetables (soy sprouts, celery, turnip, topinambur) and
raw vegetables (carrots, celery, tomatoes) tzazichi sauce, croutons

Mattoncini (6) 22.
baked tofu, taggiasche olives,
marinated purple cabbage salad and dusted orange

Veg Burger (1) 24.
chickpeas hamburger, lettuce, tomato, vegan mayonnaise,
caramelized onion, home-made turmeric and
curry bread served with rustic potatoes


Side dishes

French Fries with Sauces 9.
Rustic Potatoes (Sauces Separately) 13.
/ Baked Potatoes with Rosemary, Sage, Oregano

Green Salad 9.
iceberg, songino, rocket

Mixed Salad 12.
iceberg, radicchio, songino, rocket, cherry tomatoes, carrots

Grilled Vegetables (9) 13.
aubergines, zucchini, peppers, fennels, celery,
turnip, radicchio and radish



Buffalo or Burrata Caprese 20. —
tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella or buffalo burrata, fresh basil

Ceasar Salad (1, 3, 12) 18. —
chicken, boiled egg, iceberg, bread croutons, grancampidano cheese flakes,
worcester sauce and mayonnaise garlic and lemon separately



Tiramisù (3) 12. —
pasteurized eggs, sugar, mascarpone, coffee,
sardinian savoiardi and dark chocolate flakes

Frolla Scomposta (1, 3, 8, 12) 12. —
shortcrust with rum custard, glazed saronno pears,
orange compote and chopped almond

Molecolare (12) 14. —
white chocolate creamy, taggiasche olives ground,
passion fruit pearls, red wine waffle


Lunch cover charge (until 2.30pm) 2.5 —
Dinner cover charge 4. —
For gluten free dough additional 4. —

If you have allergies and/or dietary intolerances, please ask us and our staff will be happy
to give you information regarding the ingredients used in our food and beverages.
We are informed and prepared to make the best suggestions for your needs.
Frozen products: to ensure maximum safety for our customers, we only use fish that has
been chilled at least 24 hours at a temperature of -20°C as required by European regulations

1 Cereals and cereal products
all cereals containing gluten such as
wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut are
considered allergens. The list also covers
their hybridised strains and derived
2 Crustaceans
proteins from shrimps, shrimp, crabs, lobsters are considered allergens. Obviously,
products containing ingredients derived
from crustaceans must also be avoided.
3 Eggs
considered both cooked and raw
allergens, and even if present in derived
products such as: egg pasta, biscuits,
cakes, omelettes, mayonnaise, creams,
breaded foods, flans, etc.
4 Fish
allergy may occur for all types of fish and
derived products, except for fish jelly
used as a support for vitamin preparations or as a clarifier in beer and wine.
5 Peanuts
the main sources of allergens are derived
products such as peanut oil, peanut butter, peanut flour, peanut milk used as an
ingredient in creams, snacks, nougats etc
6 Soybean
the proteins causing allergies are present
in all soya products, except: refined soya
oil and fat, natural mixed tocopherols,
natural D-alpha tocopherol, natural D-alpha tocopherol acetate, natural D-alpha
tocopherol succinate, natural soya-based
tocopherol, vegetable oils derived from
phytosterols and phytosterols esters
based on soya, plant stanol ester produced from vegetable oil sterols based
on soya.
7 Milk
and products based on milk or lactose,
with the exception of whey used for the
manufacture of alcoholic distillates and
8 Nuts
nuts almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios,
macadamia nuts and all products derived
therefrom, with the exception of those
used for the manufacture of alcoholic
9 Celery
which is present in pieces or in derived
products such as preparations for soups,
sauces and vegetable concentrates.
10 Mustard
allergen that can be found among the
main ingredients of sauces and condiments and especially in mustard
11 Sesame
often whole seeds are used for the
preparation of bread, but often traces
of sesame are found in some types of
12 Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
only if in concentrations above 10 mg/
kg or 10 mg/l expressed as SO2 (used
as preservatives) are found in canned
fish products, pickled foods, pickled and
pickled food, jams, vinegar, dried mushrooms, soft drinks and fruit juices.
13 Lupini
now present in many vegan foods, in the
form of roasts, salamis, flours and the like
that have as their basis this legume, rich
in protein.
14 Molluscs
present in dishes based on canestrello,
cannolicchio, capasanta, date di mare,
fasolaro, Garagolo, lumachino, mussel,
murice, oyster, patella, sea truffle, tellina
and clam, or in derivatives thereof.